About Andrea:

Minneapolis singer-songwriter Andrea Sorum sings uplifting piano-driven anthems alongside folk guitar-strumming originals inspired by her experiences and hopes as a single mom, musician and activist. Her warm vocals, carefully crafted lyrics and easy-going stage presence invite the listener to relax and enjoy the company of a friend. Her 2016 release, “American Dreams” is available at andreasorum.bandcamp.com.

Life Story:

Andrea Sorum was born to two rural pastors and an upright piano. Music was her first language and quickly became her creative outlet as a young girl. Modeling her heroes Jewel and Joni Mitchell, she began her song-craft as a pre-teen, spending hours in her room singing her poetic creations into a small cassette recorder.  After completing her undergrad as a vocal and piano major she ventured to India where she volunteered with a nonprofit and recorded a full-length fusion album that was never released in the U.S. After returning to Minnesota she played in a couple bands before eventually retiring the guitar and songwriting to focus on raising a family. After the birth of her second son her mind again exploded with creative ideas. Her album, “American Dreams,” is full of the maternal love and energetic playfulness she has found as a parent.


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